Flights to Bratislava, Slovakia

Airport Code: BTS
Airport Name: M.R. Štefánik Airport Bratislava
Info about: Bratislava | Slovakia

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and, with a population of 425,000, the country’s largest city. Bratislava is in the south-west of Slovakia on both banks of the Danube River. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two other countries.

Bratislava is the political, cultural, and economic centre of Slovakia. It is the seat of the Slovak presidency, the parliament, and the government, and it is home to several universities, museums, theatres, galleries and other important economic, cultural, and educational institutions. The headquarters of many of Slovakia’s large businesses and financial institutions are in Bratislava.

The city’s history has been strongly influenced by various peoples, including Austrians, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians, Jews, and Slovaks. Known as Pressburg until 1919, the city was a key economic and administrative centre of the Kingdom of Hungary and later of the Habsburg Monarchy. Bratislava was home to the Slovak national movement of the 19th century and to many Slovak historical figures, including Milan Rastislav Štefánik and Alexander Dubček.

Flights to Amritsar, India

Airport Code: ATQ
Airport Name: Raja Sansi International Airport Amritsar
Info about: Amritsar | India

Amritsar (meaning: The Pool of the Nectar of Immortality), is the administrative headquarter of the Amritsar District in Punjab, India. The 2001 Indian census reported the population of the city to be over 1,000,000 and that of the entire district to number just over 3,096,077.

Amritsar is located in the northwest part of India in the State of Punjab, 32 miles east of Lahore, Pakistan. Amritsar derives its name from Amrit-sarovar literally meaning “The Pool of the Nectar of Immortality”.

It is home to the Harimandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, and is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh Religion. In Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s time, Amritsar had superseded Lahore as the pre-eminent city of Punjab. It is also known for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (1919).

The main commercial activities include tourism, carpets and fabrics, farm produce, handicrafts, service trades and light engineering. Amritsar is also a seat of major educational institutions like Guru Nanak Dev University (established 1969), BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar(established 1967), Khalsa College, Amritsar (established 1892), DAV College Amritsar (established 1955), and Government Medical College, Amritsar (established 1926). Amritsar is also home to Pingalwara, the home for destitutes founded by Bhagat Puran Singh and a home to Central Khalsa Orphanage (house for orphans) which was once a home to Shahid Udham Singh.

Flights to Barcelona, Spain

Airport Code: BCN
Airport Name: El Prat Airport
Info about: Barcelona | Spain

Barcelona is the capital and most populous city of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, with a population of 1,605,602 in 2006. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besos, and is limited to the west by the Serra de Collserola ridge (512 m).

Barcelona is a major economic centre, with one of Europe’s principal Mediterranean ports, and its airport is the second largest in Spain. Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona became the capital of the Counts of Barcelona and the Crown of Aragon. Besieged several times during its history, Barcelona is today an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination and has a rich cultural heritage. Particularly renowned are architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domenech i Montaner that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona houses the seat of the Catalan government, known as the Generalitat de Catalunya; of particular note are the executive branch, the parliament and the Supreme Court of Catalonia. The city is also the capital of the county (comarca) of the Barcelones.

Flights to Bergamo, Milan, Italy

Airport Code: BGY
Airport Name: Orio Al Serio Airport
Info about: Bergamo | Milan | Italy

Bergamo (Berghem in Lombard) is a town in Lombardy, Italy, about 40km northeast of Milan. The commune is home to c. 117,000 inhabitants. It is served by Orio al Serio International Airport, which also serves the Province of Bergamo, and to a lesser extent Milan. The foothills of the Alps begin immediately north of the town.

Flights to Birmingham, UK

Airport Code: BHX
Airport Name: Birmingham International Airport
Info about: Birmingham | UK

Birmingham is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England. Birmingham is the largest of England’s core cities, and is often considered to be the second city of the United Kingdom. The City of Birmingham has a population of 1,006,500 (2006 estimate). It forms part of the larger West Midlands conurbation, which has a population of 2,284,093 (2001 census) and includes several neighbouring towns and cities, such as Solihull, Wolverhampton and the towns of the Black Country.

The city’s reputation was forged as a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, a fact which led to Birmingham being known as “the workshop of the world” or the “city of a thousand trades”.

People from Birmingham are known as ‘Brummies’, a term derived from the city’s nickname of Brum. This comes in turn from the city’s dialect name, Brummagem, which is derived from one of the city’s earlier names, ‘Bromwicham’. There is a distinctive Brummie dialect (distinct vocabulary and syntax) and accent (way of speaking), both of which differ from those of the adjacent Black Country.

Flights to Kuwait

Airport code: KWI
Airport name: Kuwait International Airport
Info about: Kuwait

Kuwait is a small, oil-rich country nestling at the top of the Gulf, flanked by large or powerful neighbours – Saudi Arabia to the south, Iraq to the north and Iran to the east. Kuwait is a oil dominated economy making up around 90% if the export revenues.

Kuwait was the first Arab country in the Gulf to have an elected parliament. Moves to change the male-dominated political structure culminated in the granting of full political rights to women in 2005.

Kuwait City, is the capital city of Kuwait. It has an estimated population of 32,500 (2005 estimate) within city limits and 2.38 million in the metropolitan area. Located at the heart of the country on the shore of the Persian Gulf, and containing Kuwait’s parliament (Majlis Al-Umma), most governmental offices, the headquarters of most Kuwaiti corporations and banks, it is the indisputable political, cultural and economical center of the emirate.

Kuwait City’s trade and transportation needs are served by Kuwait International Airport, Mina Al-Shuwaik (Shuwaik Port) and Mina al-Ahmadi (Ahmadi Port) 50 kilometers to the south, on the Persian Gulf coast.

Flights to Larnaca, Cyprus

Airport code: LCA
Airport name: Larnaca Airport
Info about: Larnaca | Cyprus

Larnaca, is a city on the east coast of Cyprus. The major international airport of Cyprus, Larnaca International Airport is located in this city. In ancient times, Larnaca was known as Kition, or (in Latin) Citium. The biblical name Kittim, though derived from Citium, was in fact used quite generally for Cyprus as a whole, and occasionally by the Jews for the Greeks and Romans.

It has a population of 72,000 (2001) and is the island’s second commercial port and an important tourist resort. To the north of the town lies the island’s oil refinery, while to the south of Larnaca the International Airport is situated. The city of Larnaka is well-known for its picturesque sea-front which includes rows of palm trees. Much of the activity is centred around the city promenade during the major festivals. The most important of these for the city of Larnaka is Kataklysmos or the Festival of the Flood, celebrated in early summer with a series of cultural events.

Near Larnaka International Airport there is the Larnaca Salt Lake. It fills with water during the winter and is visited by flocks of flamingoes who stay here from November till the end of March. It dries up in the summer. It used to yield a good quality of salt which was is scraped from its dried up surface.The salt from this lake is now considered unfit for human consumption.

Flights to Tel Aviv, Israel

Airport Code: TLV
Airport Name: Ben Gurion International Airport
Info about: Tel Aviv | Israel

Tel Aviv-Yafo, usually referred to as Tel Aviv, is the second most populous city in Israel, with a population of 384,600. Tel Aviv is located on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline over an area covering 51.8 km2. It is the main city of the largest and most populous metropolitan area in Israel, Gush Dan (Dan Bloc), whose population numbers 3.04 million as of 2005. Tel Aviv is recognised as a strong candidate global city, and has been named the most expensive Middle Eastern city to live in.

The City of Tel Aviv was originally founded in 1909 by Jewish immigrants as an alternative to expensive housing in the neighbouring historic port city of Jaffa. Tel Aviv’s extensive growth eventually overtook its Arab-majority neighbour, and the two towns were united into the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo in 1950, two years after the establishment of the State of Israel. Tel Aviv is today considered the center of Israel’s globally oriented economy, and is the anchor of the area popularly known as “Silicon Wadi”. It is also considered Israel’s cultural capital due to its vibrant, modern, cosmopolitan character. The city’s Bauhaus architectured White City was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.